Real Estate Strategies and Solutions to navigate today’s real estate market.

In this real estate market of South Florida it is crucial to understand how to navigate in order to procure the best possible position and have a successful sale whether it’s a traditional sale or short sale. For the purpose of today’s common “negative equity” market situation, lets take a look at some of the [...]

Real Estate Short Sale Services

Adam Raizin with Keller Williams Realty, is adept at assisting you in getting your home sold for the highest possible price, while navigating the complicated short sale process. Having completed hundreds of real estate transactions, Adam Raizin’s past performance in this specialized area of short sales is your best guarantee of success. At this stage [...]

Real Estate Listings can help you find the best real estate listings in the Florida region Real Estate listings are a tricky thing to find in South Florida for several reasons. Adam Raizin has no problem finding the best Real Estate listings in Lake Worth Florida and the surrounding area, in Palm Beach County.

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