Many banks, are accelerating their efforts to move troubled mortgages off their books, are offering as much as $35,000 to delinquent homeowners to sell their properties for less than they owe!

In many instances, clients of mine had property in Florida and were behind on their payments to their lender(s) and were going to walk away (Not a good idea). Some were a couple of months behind and others were maybe a year or two. I was able to sell their property and in some cases was able to get them money in their pocket and more importantly they were all granted the sale by their lender(s) with no deficiency judgement! In other words, “Full and Final satisfaction of their mortgage indebtedness”

The banks are moving faster to foreclose on homes than in the past, so it’s better to Act Now and get the process started.

We would like to work with you to Short Sale your property if you are in such a situation and considering walking away. It costs you nothing ( except for about an hour of time gathering a few pieces of papers, statements, etc). Then I, along with my staff will spend the next 1-4 months working the system ( varies lender to lender, although I just had a short sale approved in 24 days.) and in the end Selling your home, maybe putting some money in your pocket through a government / lender program, and getting a Waiver of Deficiency (NO JUDGEMENT). All closing costs including commissions, HOA Fees, title charges, etc are paid out of the gross proceeds of the sale.

We can start the day you call me. I have most of the standard “Bank Short Sale Packages” that need to be filled out by you, myself and the title company and then we will work to complete the transaction and get “this monkey off your back”.

It does not matter if you still living in the property… have ever or never lived in the property or live in another town or state. In many cases it does not matter what you owe, how much money you have or if you are employed or not. We will list the property right away, contact your lender and let them know you are doing a short sale and continue through the process until completed.

If you decide to “walk away” the judgement ( which is what you would owe including court and bank lawyer fees) will more than likely be on your credit report and potentially follow you (even out of state) for up to 20 years.

If you Short Sale, your credit and record may be at at the most 2 years with a “hit” on it and then it will all be behind you.
Credit scores after completing a short sale can be increased and back on track rather quickly. Again, it does not matter in most instances what your assets are and/ or how much your income is or if they have served you papers or not. I am almost finished with a short sale for a client who is short selling ONE of her properties (Worth about $100k, owes $350k and will still be able to keep her $1.5 MILLION dollar, 2nd and 3rd properties).

CLICK HERE to View a couple of letters from past Short Sales I have completed so you can see basically what the “Approval Letter” looks like.



If you’d like to ask me a few questions, no pressure, no hassle and no obligation, just a friendly conversation about your plans, feel free to contact me.

P.S All transactions are by a case by case basis, however if you are living in your property and still need time to reside there before you sell, we in most cases, can get you more time so you can prepare to move and find another place to live.

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