We are writing to let you know that we have agreed to your request to sell your home for less than you owe. We will accept a minimum of $76,940.72 to release the Chase mortgage lien and waive any deficiency. A deficiency waiver is when your house is sold for less than what is owed-and you owe nothing more on this mortgage.

The full amount must be received in the form of certified funds no later then 10/12/2012 or this offer becomes null and void. This offer does not stop the foreclosure referral. process or sale. A signed agreement of sale most he received before the foreclosure sale date.

Sale of the Property
If there are any excess funds at the time of closing, these funds will be paid to Chase. You may receive $3,000.00 es a monetary incentive at closing that you can put toward moving expenses and making a new start. This amount should be shown as a separate line item on the Anal HUD-1 Settlement Statement.

This acceptance is only for the contract sale price of $196,000.00 between Buyer and the Seller.

Fax use e copy of the following signed and executed documents to

• Certified HUD-1 Settlement Statement
• Affidavit of Arm’s Length Transaction (enclosed)
• Acknowledgement of Borrower(s) form (enclosed)
• Copy of wire transfer confirmation or certified funds check/escrow check

We will release the lien(s) after we review these completed documents and receive certified funds.

How to accept this offer

Approval Letter 3

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