Why “About Handsome” and how does it relate to this website and my business of being a REALTOR?

I decided to put a small section on the site for those who don’t know about my chocolate lab, Handsome.

He had all the wonderful traits that one would expect from Labrador Retrievers and then some. I use to say that I could probably teach him to drive a car, as his desire to be with me and make me happy was 24/7. He knew many commands, rode with me in all the local area parades, and was a gentle soul. I miss him dearly as I had to put him down in July of ’09.

I use photos of Handsome on my property signs and in the thousands of mailings that I do every year. I portrayed him as my business partner, but included in all the mailings a Disclaimer, that he was not a licensed REALTOR ;)

He did and still does open many doors for me in my real estate business.

If you are thinking of listing your home with me, his photo on the property sign will get us call after call. This in turn more times than not starts the process that will get us offers on your property. Also for people walking Downtown, all of my listings showcased on the windows of my office have his photo as well. This offers higher visibility of the posted listings and usually creates a connection and feelings of approachability and motivates buyers to walk from the outside of the office and step inside to inquire further about your listing.

For those potential Buyers or Sellers in the area…Handsome is an easy name to remember and they associate him with me and in turn, my excellent reputation and track record (consistently in the Top 1% of Selling Realtors in the area) of completing transactions in a professional and timely manner.

I’d like to thank everyone for their kind words through, cards, emails, phone calls, etc… who have sent their condolences.

Handsome: Chocolate Lab, Man’s Best Friend
(12/1/97 – 7/14/09)

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