Lake Worth Realtor

Realtor Adam Raizin has been selling property in and around Lake Worth for several years. Whether buying or selling a home or property in Lake Worth or the surrounding area, Adam far outpaces other Lake Worth Realtors. Within the past 3 years, with his unique approach, this Lake Worth Realtor has sold over 200 properties. [...]

Palm Beach Realtor

Palm Beach Realtor Adam Raizin with Keller Williams Realty should be your first choice whether you are considering listing your property in Palm Beach, Florida. Here are a few reason’s to select Adam as your Palm Beach Realtor: A Powerful Company – Keller Williams Realty is synonymous with real estate expertise. Bringing International and Out-of-State [...]

Delray Beach Realtor

A City totaling fewer than 65,000, Delray Beach has a far-reaching appeal. Delray Beach Realtor, Adam Raizin with Keller Williams Realty knows this as well as he not only sells in Delray Beach, but spends much of his personal time there as well. What can your money buy you now (2011)? Delray Beach Realtor, Adam [...]

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