What Is A Short Sale ?

What is a Short Sale? A short sale is when a lender accepts a discount on a mortgage to avoid a possible foreclosure, auction, or bankruptcy. A lender may be willing to accept a lesser amount than owed. We specialize in short sale transactions by re-negotiating the loan amounts of your property with your lender(s) [...]

Real Estate Listings

AdamRaizin.com can help you find the best real estate listings in the Florida region Real Estate listings are a tricky thing to find in South Florida for several reasons. Adam Raizin has no problem finding the best Real Estate listings in Lake Worth Florida and the surrounding area, in Palm Beach County.

Lake Worth Short Sale Realtor

Looking for a Lake Worth Short Sale Realtor ? If you are looking for a Realtor to represent and handle the sale of your property where you are upside down in value or in a position where your loan modification was not granted (most are not…so don’t feel bad) please give Adam Raizin the Lake [...]


This commentary is about the Realtor.com website. Often I am approached by potential buyers looking for a home that have visited Realtor.com only to be frustrated as the properties they are emailing or calling on are already under contract or sold! Realtor.com might be a good site to”browse” and check out listings in general however [...]

West Palm Beach Real Estate

This commentary is about West Palm Beach Real Estate. The City of West Palm Beach, with its sunny palm-lined streets, scenic waterfront views of the island of Palm Beach, quaint shopping districts, over a dozen historic neighborhoods, and year-round outdoor festivals, is a vibrant and growing destination just minutes from Palm Beach that continues to [...]

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